Several years ago, I saw a special horn design by Mr. Peter Van Vegchel and contact him via e-mail. He is so kind to give me his horn design that I'm actually thinking of building one using fiberglass, before he mail me the detail. He build the horn by stacking several layers of particle board, with smooth curved shape to minimized reflections inside the horn.

I had compare this design to a few horns that my friends build, including the original FOSTEX design. This design sounds far better than any horn that I have heard before. No one will believe the sound is from a  4" speaker, I almost fell off from my chair ! Voices and acoustical instruments sounds really natural.

Mr. Peter Van Vegchel


A bit drawback, as most of the horn speaker do, is slight 100~500Hz of coloration. Listening level is limited by small 15W speaker. It is most suitable for simple music or small scale acoustic music. I tried FE103 and 108sigma and both works well. Now the horn is with one of my friend who actually a carpenter, and he build the cabinets.

That is all happened back in sometimes ago, and now I'm trying to use the same idea to design a similar but slight bigger horn for CORAL FLAT6. I will try to optimized it and include a test report later.

A message here, I promised the author Mr. Peter Van Vegchel not to publish the design plan , and sorry for those who want to build one. And Mr. Peter, thank you for this special design.


Here's another pair of latest one from  Mr. Peter.