6AS7 SE Amplifier


Several years ago, this amplifier had been designed for one of my kit set. I believe that some of you might have seen this before in Taiwanese web page. Not much here, just a gallery of my previous work and some simple test result.

 This is my prototype PCB for easier construction.


All metal casing with epoxy paint. Pre-installed with power transformer and terminals.


This is my homebrew prototype output trans with 4 layers of primary and 3 layers of secondary.1kohm : 8 ohm.




Here's how I hide the ugly OPT.

Everything looks simple with double sided PCB.

Response of 100Hz.

1 KHz square wave.


And here's 10KHz square wave.

The output power is 2.5W before clipping and distortion is around 3.8% at 2W rms.

Schematics :