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Updated 08-MAY-2007






 15-JULY-2006>  DIY MC step up transformer.

 01-APRIL-2006> 1626 amplifier with 5U4 rectification.

 01-NOV-2005 >  DIY output transformer test result

 31-OCT-2005 > DIY output transformer.

 08-SEPT-2005 > WE717A + 2A3 amplifier updated, schematic available now.

 14-AUG-25005> WE-717A + 2A3 amplifier

 30-JUNE-2005> Another 6SN7-2A3 SE amplifier

 17-MAY-2005> Phono half inch mount head shell for sale, TDA1545 DAC chip available now.

 30-APR-2005> 6EM7 SE amplifier using 6EW7 PCB.

 30-MAR-2005> New arrival 0.5uF 500V military grade oil cap for coupling.

22-MAR-2005> Simple EM87 magic eye level meter for your tube amp

 18-MAR-2005> 6.3V 5A switching power for in car tube filaments / delay for B+ supply.

 11-MAR-2005> In-car vacuum tube power supply kit available now.

 22-FEB-2005> 2A3 Single ended amplifier  

 20-JAN-2005> My prototype 6EW7's photo added in 6EW7 SE    

 18-JAN-2005> 6EW7 Half kit available now.

 17-JAN-2005> IDEC Circuit breaker switch, 6.75A cut, 5A operating current. parts/surplus

 19-DEC-2004> Some kind of "show-off" page right here, upon some friends request.

15-DEC-2004>New arrival ! Teflon Silver Coated Wire

12-DEC-2004>Add FE103 horn photos. Not my design but it looks special. 

10-DEC.2004> Add 6EW7 SE amplifier in projects page. Kit set will be available soon.

 09-DEC-2004> Add 100K volume and some parts on parts/surplus.

 28-NOV-2004> Add an article about  Switching power supply for vacuum tube car audio in projects page.

 06-NOV-2004> Add 6AS7 SE amplifier and a regen radio in projects page.

 04-NOV-2004> Add a few tubes on parts/surplus. and 6P3P amplifier.

 30-OCT-2004> Add some tube sockets on parts/surplus.

 28-OCT-2004> Add some caps on parts/surplus.

 25-OCT-2004> 832 Amplifier added.

 20-OCT-2004> Still under construction. Just added 1626 Darling amplifier.



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